The olive tree is a blessed tree, which flourishes in the stony and arid ground of the Mediterranean. It bears fruit under unfavorable conditions of drought, strong winds and high temperatures, while its longevity and productivity, wrote the story of the Mediterranean people. The olive tree lighted, nourished, cured, crowned, posed up and was identified with high standards, while it inspired the vigorous, for many years, civilization of the east Mediterranean.

Olive oil is very healthy oil. A correct and balanced nutrition necessarily contains olive oil on daily basis. The essence and taste, which gives to all foods, is unique. Just like all oils, olive oil as well, must be used in moderation. The oils contain fatty acids, which can be separated in three kinds: saturated, monounsaturated and polyunsaturated. The animal fats contain mostly saturated fat acids, the seed oils polyunsaturated, while the olive oil contains mostly monounsaturated fat acids up to 83%. The oleic acid, the main component of olive oil, comprises such a monounsaturated fat acid and for that reason it is recommended by most doctors and dieticians.

The Kranidi olive oil is known for many years on the Greek market for its excellent taste and quality, which pursuant to the EC regulation nr. 1107/96 of the European Union, was registered as olive oil with protected name of origin DEEK nr. L148 21-6-1996 6-1.

The olive is a crop – the fruit of the olive tree. When the cultivation methods and the pressing procedures at the factory have retained the highest standards of quality within the olive oil, only then it be labeled as “Extra Virgin.” If Olio Greco S.A. has a clear advantage, it is because its Extra Virgin Olive Oil is always of the same region, the same variety of olive and its values of acidity, etc. are always a lot lower of the maximum allowance of the elements under the regulations set by the European Union.